Fifth Anniversary Magic Tournament

Multi format fun on release weekend of Eldritch Moon (EMN)! Battlegrounds Gaming is celebrating 5 years in business! Thanks for your support! July 23, 2016 Registration: 10am - 10:50am Entry Fee: $35 Tournament starts at 11am
  • Rounds 1-3: Eldrtich Moon sealed You'll get 4 packs of Eldritch Moon + 2 packs of Shadows Over Innistrad. Build a 40-card (minimum) deck and battle for 3 rounds.
  • Rounds 4-6: Standard EMN cards will be legal for this new standard format! Get you decks ready and duel for 3 rounds.
  • Top 8 get to draft Eternal Masters!
Prizes: 1st Place: $150 store credit, Battlegrounds Gaming Playmat, + Trophy* 2nd: $75 3rd: $35 4th: $35 5th-8th: $15 9th-16th: 2 packs of EMN each *Trophy will be personallized with winner's name and must be ordered. It will be presented on a later date.