Ixalan Sealed League

0d20166b2592a25086ad58abc1416c0eBuild a 30-card deck from three Ixalan booster packs. Players can add a new pack each week for the duration of the League, as well as an additional pack after three losses.

$10+tax to participate, plus buying 1 more pack per week for 3 weeks.

Play in the store at anytime.
Players who complete ten matches can claim a premium foil Unclaimed Territory promo card for themselves!

en_pELrMZ7YoAPlay in store Saturdays between Nov 11 and Dec 2.
Additional prizes will be distributed at the end of the league based on standing.

Iconic Masters Pre-Sale


What is Iconic Masters?

Iconic Masters offers players a tour through some of the most powerful cards in over 23 years of Magic history. The set brings an array of massive Angels, Sphinxes, Demons, Dragons, and Hydras alongside some of our favorite and most memorable spells, many featuring new artwork. Iconic Masters is designed to provide an exciting and unique Limited experience with cards that have never been drafted together.

Release Information

The Iconic Masters set contains 249 cards (101 common, 80 uncommon, 53 rare, and 15 mythic rare).

Release date: November 17, 2017

Format Legality

All cards in the Iconic Masters set are legal in the two “Eternal” formats, Legacy and Vintage. Inclusion in the Iconic Masters set doesn’t change what other formats a card is legal in.

A limited supply of booster boxes is available for pre-order at $199.99 +tax.

Pre-order boxes online here!


Commander 2017 set pre-sale

Two of the four decks in Commander 2017

Two of the four decks in Commander 2017

Commander returns with four new tribal-themed, 100-card decks, featuring 56 all-new Magic cards legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy).

Our Pre-orders have sold out.  See us on 8/25/17 for individual decks.

Release date is August 25, 2017.