Ixalan Pre-releases and Pre-orders


Participate in any of our FOUR prerelease events September 23-24, 2017:

  • Midnight – Friday night into Saturday
  • Noon – Saturday
  • 6pm – Saturday
  • 2HG – Sunday at 1pm

Entrance fee is $30 and includes a prerelease kit which contains:

  • 6 Ixalan booster packs
  • Randomized date-stamped premium promo card
  • Spindown life counter

Each event will run 4 rounds with Ixalan booster packs as prize payouts.  Players who achieve a 4-0 record receive 10 booster packs, 3-0-1 get 7 boosters, 3-1 get 4 boosters. Any player with 2 wins gets 1 booster pack.

Sign up in store or online to reserve a seat!

 IXALAN Preorders!
Release date is September 29, 2017
  • Booster Box: $105
  • Bundle (Fat Pack): $39
  • Combo – 1 booster box + 1 bundle: $135

Those of you who purchase a Booster Box or Combo will also receive the Buy-A-Box foil Promo card: Burning Sun’s Avatar.

Pay in store or online here.

Commander 2017 set pre-sale

Two of the four decks in Commander 2017

Two of the four decks in Commander 2017

Commander returns with four new tribal-themed, 100-card decks, featuring 56 all-new Magic cards legal in Eternal formats (Vintage and Legacy).

Our Pre-orders have sold out.  See us on 8/25/17 for individual decks.

Release date is August 25, 2017.