Hot board games still available

Here are four top-selling board games that are available at Battlegrounds Gaming. Click any of the images to purchase online.
You can also top in!

Small World® of Warcraft® is a board game combining the Small World game mechanics with Blizzard’s celebrated Warcraft universe.
Free pair of promotional dice with purchase while supplies last.
The super-hot hit game from 2019!
Attract a beautiful and diverse collection of birds to your wildlife reserve.
From the creator of Wingspan!
Guide monarch butterflies on their journey along eastern North America.
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion
Vanquish monsters with strategic cardplay in a 25-scenario Gloomhaven campaign.
A lighter version of Gloomhaven which plays faster.

Magic Zendikar Rising

Click image to pre-order

Spoiler season is right around the corner and Battlegrounds Gaming is now accepting pre-orders for Zendikar Rising Draft Booster Boxes, Prerelease Kits, Collector Booster Boxes, Set Booster Boxes and Bundles. Here are some key dates to keep in mind:

  • September 18 at 3pm – September 24: Zendikar Rising pre-releases & early release pickup (PR Kits and Draft Booster Boxes only)
  • September 25: Zendikar Rising official release date. Pick up Bundles, Set Boosters, Planeswalker Decks, and Collector Boosters.

Commander Legends releases November 6, 2020. Battlegrounds Gaming will begin accepting pre-orders in early October.

In-store events

In store events are still temporarily suspended.
When they resume, I’ll send and email with guidelines.

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Build and Battle Kit

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Build and Battle kits release August 1, 2020!
Each kit comes with 3 extra booster packs of the new set. This gives you a chance to try the new cards before the official release date of August 14, 2020.

Events are still on hold. You can purchase these kits and build a deck at home!

Warhammer 40K New Edition

Warhammer 40K 9th Edition releases July 25, 2020! Per Games Workshop’s instructions, we will begin accepting preorders of Indomitus, new edition rulebook, and Grand Tournament 2020 on July 11, 2020. Until then, we are taking names and contact info for people who are interested. We sold out of our allocation of the Indomitus Box Set.

Notable products:

  • Warhammer 40000: Indomitus      $199.00
  • Warhammer 40000: Core Book      $65.00
  • Wh40K: Grand Tournament 2020      $40.00
  • Wh40K: Mission Pack: Open War      $18.00
  • Wh40K: Crusade Player’S Pack      $35.00
  • 40K: Battlezone Manufactorum Battlefield     $50.00
  • Layer: Canoptek Alloy (12Ml)      $6.10
  • Shade: Cryptek Armourshade (18Ml)     $7.80
  • Technical: Tesseract Glow (18Ml)     $7.80
  • Wh40K Battlezone Manufactorum Objectives     $40.00
  • Warhammer 40000 Combat Gauge     $27.00
  • Warhammer 40000 Carry Case     $60.00

More information available here.

Indomitus Box Set releases July 25, 2020

Update for in-store gaming events

Hello Friends!
I know a lot of you are excited to return to Battlegrounds Gaming for events, and campaigns, and tournaments, and games! I am too! I miss the people and I miss seeing you have a great time here. I assure you that I plan to resume in-store events when it is feasible.

The reopening of the State of Connecticut should reach Phase 3 “around mid-July.” Rules are coming soon from the Governor and I’m keeping an eye out for them. You’ll be notified shortly after I have that information.

I want to say “Thank You!” to those of you who bought from Battlegrounds Gaming in the last 97 days. Thank you very much for your support. July 2020 marks our 9th anniversary and we’re going to make it to our 10th year because of you. Thank you for understanding how important it is to support small businesses.

So hang in there for just a few more weeks! Knocks wood. Be safe when enjoying the July 4th holiday next weekend.

Best wishes,
Steven Bryant