Magic Modern Horizons

Excitement is building as spoilers for Magic's next set begin soon!  Modern Horizons is a 254 card set and has NEW cards and reprints of cards not in Modern.  Cards in this set will not be legal in standard. Early release date for pre-orders is June 8-9, 2019. Regular release date is June 14, 2019. Place your orders here.

War of the Spark prereleases and preorders

The newest edition of Magic the Gathering features Planeswalkers galore!  This set's spoilers have already begun and pre-releases are just around the corner.  With a release date of May 3, 2019 War of the Spark is going to have a huge impact on events.  Here is what Battlegrounds Gaming will be offering in the coming weeks!

PRE-RELEASES (April 27-28)

We have 4 events over the weekend of April 27 and April 28.  Each tournament costs $30 and includes 6 booster packs of War of the Spark and a special date-stamped foil promo rare or mythic.

Our Midnight event is now 3 rounds!  This will make things easier on the players and the staff.  The following prizes are for Midnight:
  • 3-0: 8 packs
  • 2-0-1: 5 packs
  • 2-1: 2 packs
The 4-round events (Noon, 6pm, and 2HG) have the following prize payouts:
  • 4-0 get 10 booster packs
  • 3-0-1 get 7 booster packs
  • 3-1 get 4 booster packs
  • 2 wins gets 1 pack
So come play in one of our events and sign up online here to reserve a spot.
Fri/Sat April 26/27 at Midnight
Saturday April 27 at Noon
Saturday April 27 at 6pm
Sunday April 28 at 1pm - Format is Two-Headed Giant

Sign up online at


War of the Spark releases Friday, May 3 and Battlegrounds Gaming will celebrate with an FNM Booster Draft at 7pm.  Entry is $15 + tax and will run for 3 rounds.  All players with a 3-0 record will get 6 boosters of the new set and an FNM Promo.  Players who finish 2-1 will get 2 booster packs.  In addition, extra FNM Promo cards will be distributed randomly during the draft.


If the release day draft wasn't enough for you, we'll do it again.  Saturday at 2pm. Entry is $15 plus tax with the same pack prizes as the release day draft (no FNM promos though).    


Pre-order booster boxes of War of the Spark and pick them up during pre-release weekend!  Each box purchased will receive the foil Buy-A-Box Promo card of Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge - not available in booster packs. Order now and get your boxes April 27-28.  Click here. Any other purchases will be available on release date of May 3, 2019.

Pre-release offer and pre-orders expire April 26, 2019  


Hello Gamers! Even though Wingspan has been a very popular game since Gen Con, it looks like not enough was printed and made available to retailers. Please email us to put your name on the list for when more become available (May be in April. May be in June).

Magic Standard Premium Tournament – March 2

Hello Magic Players! We're finally doing it! Battlegrounds Gaming is hosting a premium Magic standard tournament with significant prizes. Since the Preliminary Pro-Tour Qualifier system ended, there has been fewer big-ticket events in the area. We hope to add to the offerings Saturday, March 2nd, 2019. If things go well, we'll make this a regular monthly event.  Perhaps even alternate Modern and Standard. Continue reading

KeyForge Solo Play Tournament Feb 23

When:  February 23 at noon. Entry is $6 (bring your own deck) or $12 (use a random sealed deck which you keep) In a Solo tournament, each player uses the same single deck (that they either brought themselves or received at the event, depending on the format) for the entirety of the tournament. 4 Rounds (1 game) Time limit: 50 minutes per round Prizes 4-0: $20 store credit. 3-1: $10 store credit Other promotional cards will be given out as door prizes.